Cherry Hill Bat Removal Damage Repair, Bats in Attic

Bat removal in Cherry Hill

South Jersey Bat Removal

Bat removal should only be performed by an expert because their guano is a breeding ground for insects. They also can also carry diseases that can spread to you or your pets. These mammals can carry rabies so call immediately with any bat issues.

Years of experience has taught us the best and safest way to remove bats from your home.  We will get them out and then exclude the home to prevent their return. There are many solutions for bat control. Contact us today.

bat exclusion Cherry Hill

Bats in the Attic

One of the more common issues in South Jersey is bats in the attic. Left unchecked a colony can grow quite large. As the colony grows in size the guano can cause serious damage to your attic, in addition to your health. It can be easy to forget about attic dwelling bats if you do not use it often. We are experts at exclusion or proofing.

The attic can be a very difficult space to work in without the proper equipment and training. We will safely remove them and prevent their return. This is done safely and humanely with the use of one way doors. We will inspect to home, find any entrance points and seal them up. Calling for professional help is the smartest way to deal with bats in your attic.

Bat exclusion Cherry Hill

Bat Exclusion and Proofing

Bat exclusion involves the sealing of the entire structure. Only one opening is left open for the these mammals to escape. It is critical to install a one-way door. Your goal is to allow them to leave and not return. After several days and a good, thorough inspection the remaining gap or hole is sealed.

Once the bats leave the home, they are not able to return.  We will check the home to ensure that there are none left and then we will begin the job of excluding your home.  We will seal off any entry points to prevent bats from getting back in.